Drope.me Indie Roadshow Results: Empowering Indie Game Developers and Streamers

Drope.me Indie Roadshow Results: Empowering Indie Game Developers and Streamers

Dec 14 20231 min read

Drope.me proudly announces the successful conclusion of its Indie Roadshow project for 2023. The initiative aimed to connect indie game developers with aspiring streamers, fostering collaboration and elevating indie games in the highly competitive gaming industry.

65 selected indie developers received a $12,000 grant, distributed equally between each other, to launch their campaigns on Drope.me. It allowed them to showcase games to the 17K influencers base and boost their products via an engaged gaming community. 

The Indie Roadshow, which lasted for five months now, witnessed overwhelming participation:

  • Companies applied: Over 300
  • Total influencers promoted games: 894
  • Total influencers’ community members involved: Over 22,000
  • Paid out to influencers: Over $8,000

Dima Okhrimchuk 3

Dima Okhrimchuk, founder and CEO of Drope.me. Photo: Drope.me

"We are thrilled to witness the positive outcomes of the Indie Roadshow. It reflects our commitment to empowering indie developers and streamers, initiating meaningful connections that benefit both parties. 

The Indie Roadshow not only facilitated the creation of engaging promotional campaigns. It also provided an opportunity for streamers to monetize their content creation efforts while helping indie developers bring attention to their games globally. 

The prolongation of the Indie Roadshow initiative in 2024 is more than likely to happen considering the overwhelming community response," said Dima Okhrimchuk, founder and CEO at Drope.me.

To qualify for the Indie Roadshow, developers had to ensure their products were released on Steam up to six months before the project launch, had English localization, and could be found on Twitch. 

Stay tuned for more! 

Source: Drope.me

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