Indie Roadshow Extension: Additional Spots and Increased Budget

Indie Roadshow Extension: Additional Spots and Increased Budget

Oct 18 20232 min read

After the phenomenal success of Indie Roadshow, an initiative aimed to support indie game developers with an original grant of $10,000, is thrilled to announce its extension. The overwhelming interest and enthusiasm from the participants have prompted to add 15 more coveted spots for indie devs and increase the budget by over $2,000.

The Indie Roadshow, a groundbreaking initiative that provided indie game developers with a platform to promote their games with 17K micro-streamers for free, attracted a lot of attention after the launch. Over 220 devs applied to participate in the initiative, yet only 50 were selected to join. Even though Indie Roadshow is still in progress, there are already incredible results to share: 

  • 47 devs successfully launched their campaigns on
  • Over 600 micro-influencers took part in those campaigns and streamed for over 120 hours on Twitch (plus the content creation on YouTube, TikTok, and community promo)
  • 20K streamers’ followers engaged in those campaigns, too
  • $6K were paid to streamers for promoting games during Indie Roadshow  

The decision to expand the initiative is a testament to the high demand from indie developers seeking exposure for their games. These additional 15 spots offer more opportunities for talented developers to present their creations to a wider audience and benefit from's AI-enabled influencer marketing platform.

Indie game developers who wish to take part in the extended edition of Indie Roadshow can apply here. Selected developers will get such benefits: 

  • Showcasing their game to 17K micro streamers
  • Getting a $150 grant for game promotion
  • Meeting their future game ambassadors

To qualify for the Indie Roadshow, developers must ensure their products were released on Steam up to six months ago or will be launched by the end of November 2023, have English localization, and can be found on Twitch. 

Dima Okhrimchuk 11

Dima Okhrimchuk, founder and CEO of Photo:

“Game development is an exciting journey, but it doesn’t end with crafting the game itself. In today’s gaming landscape, attracting players and building awareness is just as critical. With, indie game developers can kickstart their marketing efforts, all without the need for deep marketing or business expertise.The extension of Indie Roadshow will help the selected companies get a first feeling of the power of influencer marketing and focus on what they love – creating games. While will take the marketing worries off their hands,” shared Dima Okhrimchuk, founder and CEO of 

The application deadline for the extended edition of Indie Roadshow is October 29, 2023. The 15 selected indie games will be distributed throughout four weeks, ensuring the developers get adequate opportunities to engage with micro-streamers and their audiences.


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