Drope.me Indie Game Awards 2023: Showcase Your Indie Game to the World

Drope.me Indie Game Awards 2023: Showcase Your Indie Game to the World

Nov 21 20232 min read

Drope.me announces an end-of-the-year initiative – Indie Game Awards. This is a community-driven initiative, where indie game developers take center stage alongside passionate gaming fans and influential streamers. As the holiday season starts and the time for giving gifts has come, everyone who engages in the Drope.me Indie Game Awards, indie game devs, streamers, and their communities, will be rewarded.

Drope.me believes that indie game developers are the heartbeat of the gaming industry’s growth. That’s why we decided to launch the Indie Game Awards, inviting indie game developers, streamers, and all gaming enthusiasts to share their top indie picks of 2023. Whether you're an indie developer crafting games, a streamer creating content, or simply a fan with a passion for indie creations, nominate your favorite indie game of 2023 and win exciting prizes. Here’s how it works:

  1. Submit your own/your favorite indie game up to December 5. Indie devs, you’re welcome to submit your creations and encourage fans to submit your games, so they can win prizes in Drops. These awards refer to all the indie games released in 2023 on PC, mobile, and Roblox. Multiple submissions are possible. If you’re a streamer – apply for a streamer campaign, invite your viewers to join, and get paid for it. 
  2. Vote for shortlisted indie games from December 6 to December 19. Five indies submitted most often will be shortlisted in each category. Come back to vote and get a chance to win one of 5 games that will become the best in each category.
  3. Winners announcement & more gifts on December 20. We'll reveal the winning games in each category live at the Twitch awards ceremony. If you’re a game dev whose game becomes the best, you will also get goodies from Drope.me.

Dima Okhrimchuk  founder and CEO of Drope me

Dima Okhrimchuk, founder and CEO of Drope.me. Photo: Drope.me

“I'm thrilled to see how vibrant and creative our indie gaming community is. The Drope.me Indie Game Awards 2023 are a big shout-out to the amazing indie devs who bring so much energy to the gaming world. These awards are more than just trophies; they're about recognizing and cheering for the indie devs who make gaming so exciting. 

This year was special for Drope.me, and we wanted to end it by celebrating the indie games we all love. Thanks to our community for supporting us, and to the indie devs, keep rocking!” shared Dima Okhrimchuk, founder and CEO of Drope.me. 

There are 5 nominations available: 

  • Game of the Year: Best indie game of 2023
  • Dreamy Crush: Favorite indie game character of 2023
  • Lobby Created: Best co-op indie game of 2023
  • Week in Hell: The most challenging indie game of 2023
  • Meme Game: The indie game of 2023 with the funniest jokes 

Join Drope.me Indie Game Awards 2023 and become part of this gaming celebration! Submit your favorite indie games here.

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