Drope.me Introduces Creation Flow Update for the Campaigns Setup

Drope.me Introduces Creation Flow Update for the Campaigns Setup

Dec 8 20231 min read

The enhanced creation flow aims to simplify campaign setup, empowering gaming brands to effortlessly promote their games via micro-influencers.

Drope.me's latest update focuses on optimizing the user experience for game developers, providing a seamless and intuitive journey from campaign initiation to successful execution. The platform now offers an even more user-friendly interface, ensuring developers can efficiently set up campaigns with micro-influencers to maximize engagement.

What changed?

  • Now you can set up a campaign with a 1-day duration if you have a play-test or special event. 
  • Set your goal for the campaign and total budget — we’ll pre-select actions for the streamer’s community to focus on performance results. Actions for influencers now become additional tools that you can add to published campaigns. We’re doing this to let streamers use their creativity to boost viewers' engagement instead of making inefficient content. 
  • Now there’s more precise streamer selection and auto-approval for performance actions instead of manual review.
  • Need to boost awareness as well? We still have influencers' actions and more additional tools! Add actions for influencers to stream on Twitch, make shoutouts, YouTube, and TikTok videos or posts on X. Now you can feature your campaign on the platform and add a Community Giveaway.

If there are any questions regarding the update – contact Drope.me here or read this comprehensive guide on how to launch a campaign. Keep in mind that if the budget of your campaign exceeds $10,000, there’s full-service support with a dedicated manager and a personalized approach. Learn more about it here

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