Drope.me Welcomes Roblox Game Developers to the Platform

Drope.me Welcomes Roblox Game Developers to the Platform

Oct 13 20231 min read

Drope.me is excited to announce a new feature addition to their platform. Now, developers of Roblox games can experience the power of micro-influencers and promote their games to a niche and more engaged audience.

Roblox, a global online platform, enables users to create and play games created by other users. It boasts a community of millions of gamers, making it a fertile ground for game developers. However, due to the huge volume of games on the platform, standing out in this crowded marketplace can be complicated. Game developers face challenges trying to attract players' attention to their games in this vast digital space.

Drope.me has come up with a transformative solution. By welcoming Roblox developers to the platform, Drope.me opens a new realm of possibilities for both the gaming industry and aspiring content creators. With this feature, Roblox developers can pay only for results, choose relevant campaign actions (such as streaming a game on Twitch, posting a Tweet, and more), reach new audiences, and gain insights through analytics. While micro-streamers can expand their campaign offerings to include these innovative games.

Dima Okhrimchuk  founder and CEO of Drope me

Dima Okhrimchuk, founder and CEO of Drope.me. Photo: Drope.me

“We are thrilled to facilitate this synergy between UGC game creators on Roblox and our micro-streamers. This will allow millions of Roblox creators to effortlessly promote their games with micro-streamers and only pay for measurable results be it sign-ups, in-game activity or promo videos on TikTok or YouTube,” said Dima Okhrimchuk, founder and CEO of Drope.me.

By offering the unique performance-based model that has no analogs among influencer marketing platforms in the industry, Drope.me aims to transform the way Roblox games are marketed and create a mutually beneficial environment for all parties involved.

Source: Drope.me

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