Airiesummer Announced as the First Ambassador for

Airiesummer Announced as the First Ambassador for

Sep 1 20232 min read, the influencer marketing platform that connects gaming companies, micro streamers, and their communities in performance marketing campaigns, is thrilled to announce Airie as its first Ambassador. This partnership marks a significant milestone in's mission to revolutionize game marketing through authentic community-driven campaigns.

Airiesummer, a respected name in the streaming community, has joined forces with to enhance the promotion of games within the platform's ecosystem. With her extensive experience and enthusiastic following, Airie is set to bring a fresh perspective to game promotion.


Airiesummer. Photo: Airiesummer

“I am passionate about supporting, game developers, and content creators to build an inclusive ecosystem,” shared Airiesummer. 

At the core of this collaboration is's unwavering commitment to fostering and advancing micro streamer community, enhancing platform features, and supporting game developers. Through Airie's Ambassadorship, aims to strengthen the connections between micro streamers and the gaming community while also providing game developers with amplified promotion opportunities.

In her role as Ambassador, Airie will be deeply engaged in selecting games from's platform and showcasing them through her own campaigns. This collaboration is set to provide a unique, hands-on perspective on how's influencer marketing campaigns function, benefiting both streamers and game developers.

While is dedicated to enhancing micro streamer communities, it's essential to clarify that this initiative won't diminish micro streamers' promotional capabilities. Instead, it focuses on elevating's platform, amplifying its offerings, and developing our micro streamers community, helping them to grow and provide high-quality content for viewers and games.

Dima Okhrimchuk  founder and CEO of Drope me

Dima Okhrimchuk, founder and CEO of Photo:

"While our platform is primarily tailored for micro streamers, we're excited to engage with bigger influencers, too, who share our passion for championing indie game developers. In our search for an ambassador to lead our community, we couldn't be more thrilled to welcome Airie, whose personal values closely align with our company's mission. Our partnership with Airie is just the initial step in a journey to amplify this narrative," said Dima Okhrimchuk, founder and CEO of


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